We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If there is a question you have that isn't listed, please feel free to contact us.

Q. What is the shelf life of the mixes?

A. As a general rule, mixes are best when used within 2 years of purchase. Be sure to store the mixes in a cool, dry place away from light, otherwise the shelf life will shorten dramatically.


Q. How much does each package of mix make?

A. It varies depending on the mix and can be found listed under the mix descriptions here on our website.


Q. Can only half of the mix be made at a time?

A. Yes, you can half each mix to make a smaller amount. All mixes list the net weigh on the label. Simply cut the weight in half and measure out that amount of ingredients. Then mix according to label instructions using only half of the called for ingredients.


Q. What are your dry mixes mixed with? What ingredients?

A. We list the needed ingredients under each mixes description. It is also listed on the product labels.


Q. Can I substitute the required ingredients to make the mixes?

A. While we feel our suggested ingredients provide the best taste, you can absolutely substitute to your liking. For example, to make a lower calorie product, you can use low fat products such as sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise and cool whip. They do not not affect the taste much. Greek yogurt also works well. We don't however recommend using "fat free" products, as they change the flavor and consistency too much.


Q. How long are the prepared mixes good for?

A. The expiration date will vary depending on the freshness of the ingredients used. We suggest going by the expiration date on the added components (ie. sour cream, cream cheese, cool whip, etc.).

Salsas and Bread Dippers should be consumed within a 5-7 days and guacamole within a few hours.


Q. How do I store the mixes?

A. Optimal storage is in a cool, dry place. Given the freshness and potency of our ingredients, it's advisable to avoid keeping them together in a sealed package or container to prevent flavor mingling. Ensure that savory mixes are stored separately from our sweet no-bake dessert mixes.


Q. Do you provide nutritional information for your products?

A. Currently, we do not offer nutritional information. As a small business, and given that our products are not mass-produced, we are not obligated by the FDA to provide nutritional details. It's worth noting that our savory mixes, primarily composed of herbs and spices, generally have minimal nutritional value. The exceptions include mixes containing sugar or cheese, and even then, the quantities involved are quite small.


Q. Do any of the mixes contain soy?

A. Yes, any mix that contains bacon, or soybean oil contains soy. Our mixes are also produced in a facility that produces soy products.


Q. I have a food allergy, how do I know if I can consume your mixes?

A. You can find information on our Allergy page here.


Q. Do you offer samples of your mixes?

A. We do not offer sample size mixes. All of our mixes are sold in retail-sized packaging and are perfect for sampling at a low price.