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Our commitment and pride in offering great tasting products is at the heart of everything we do! Here's a sample of what our customers have to save about our products. Additional reviews can be found under each product listing. 

SO REFRESHING! icorating5.gif

Posted by Melissa on 16th Aug 2017

Sassy Sangria has lived up to its name! This was by far- the best frozen sangria that I've made, or ordered out. It was absolutely delicious! I used a bottle of St. Julian's strawberry wine and it was the perfect blend of summer fruits. Once frozen, I found that it actually was easy to break up into the perfect consistency for a nice slush. Perfect on a hot summer night!


Posted by Amanda BRISTLIN on 19th Aug 2017

This coffee is so good I am buying all three flavors this month to highlight at vendor events. You don't want to pass this up it is very good.


Posted by dolphinwolfgirl1 on 22nd Nov 2016

I am not a fan of pumpkin pie. But love pumpkin spice coffee. Got this dip. Made it into a pie while adding pecans and carmel drizzle to the top. Was the best pumpkin pie I have ever had. Absolutely love it. My family loved it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DIP!! icorating5.gif

Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2016

This dip is amazing!! I love it prepared as directed also love it mixed with cream cheese as a spread for bagels, English muffins, etc! This for sure a favorite!!!

AWESOME! icorating5.gif

Posted by Bridget on 14th Feb 2016

Hands down, this is an awesome dip! My husband and I just made it today and it is so good! It has an awesome pizza flavor and goes great with Ritz crackers and pretzels! I bet it would even be great on vegetables! We love it and will for sure be buying more!

AMAZING! icorating5.gif

Posted by Kiley Harris on 17th May 2017

This is one mix you can't go wrong with! The flavor is identical to a blt and makes your blts at home even better when used at a spread instead of mayo!

BEST BLT DIP icorating5.gif

Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2016

Made this for a get together with friends. Was an absolute hit. Everyone loved it. Served with little toast squares. For a little extra flair, I sprinkled bacon in the top. Perfect. Was same as if you were eating a BLT. Was gone quickly. With everyone asking for the recipe or next get together for me to bring the BLT dip again.

FAST AND EASY icorating5.gif

Posted by jkeeney on 4th May 2016

This dip is just fast and easy! If you need a fun dessert then this is it. It is perfect with fresh fruit and graham crackers!

BEST SWEET DIP EVER icorating5.gif

Posted by Martha Blomstrom on 7th Apr 2016

This dip is amazing and versatile!! It can be used on fruits and crackers or to make a simple cheesecake for an event or party.

EASY TO MAKE AND SO YUMMY icorating5.gif

Posted by Dianna Lush on 4th Jan 2016

I made the strawberry cheesecake with this one layering strawberries on the bottom of a graham cracker crust and topping if off with strawberries. Didn't last but 2 days. Guess I will have to make another one.


Posted by Karen Cline on 16th Jun 2016

Brought this to a work event and everyone went crazy for it! It was the most popular snack there. I toasted little chunks of bread to dip in it. One of my coworkers got some and used it to make garlic bread at home. Perfect flavors blend and so easy to use!

BEST BREAD DIP EVER icorating5.gif

Posted by Tandy on 21st Oct 2015

I LOVE this bread dipper! It has a great flavor. I've also used it to make garlic mashed potatoes, yum! Highly recommend, everyone that's tried it has love it.

DON'T TOUCH MY MEATLOAF icorating5.gif

Posted by Lisa Huppertz on 28th Jul 2017

This meatloaf mix is to die for! All 8 of My grandkids ages 1 through 9 love it! We have to make 5 lbs at a time now!

WONDERFUL icorating5.gif

Posted by Brett Rouse on 18th Jan 2017

This is the second time buying this. You can get about 3 servings per package. We use this on deer burger and it is wonderful so you don't taste the game of the meat! Love the taste quality and quantity

FABULOUS!!!! icorating5.gif

Posted by Cathe on 8th Apr 2016

This is one of the best seasonings I have ever had!! I could never get my kids to eat meatloaf before, but now they are begging for us to have it every night!!! Keep up the great job!!

BEST GUACAMOLE EVER icorating5.gif

Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2016

Super easy to make. Best tasting Guacamole have ever had. My family loved it. The bowl was spotless by the time they were done.

WOW JUST WOW! icorating5.gif

Posted by Kiley Harris on 17th May 2017

Not only is this mix mega easy to make words can't describe how delicious this is! Much better than restaurant salsa! I made this with regular tomatoes and with fire roasted tomatoes. It was gone within a matter of a few minutes!

EASY & DELICIOUS! icorating5.gif

Posted by Jessica on 1st Mar 2016

This is the first dip I've bought and tried, and it exceeded expectations! I have been made a loyal customer, and I can't wait to try more. I love that it only requires a couple ingredients, and you're dip is ready in minutes (except for refrigeration time)! Next time I will probably try it with light Real Mayo. Loved it though!

SIMPLY THE BEST icorating5.gif

Posted by Heather Jones-Agee on 15th Jan 2016

I just made this, this evening. OMG, SOOOO GOOODD!! I put it on Trisquits, topeed with some shredded cheddar cheese and melted it in the oven for about 5 mins. I must get more of this!

Additional reviews can be found under each product listing.