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Hurricane Notice

Possible delay in order processing due to Hurricane Florence.

We are in the direct path of Hurricane Florence and while we are 2.5 hrs inland, it is still expected to inpact our area greatly. We are expected to receive large amounts of rain which can result in flooding and power outages.

Right now all local Post Offices are closed and will remain closed until the storm has passed.

We have been working overtime to get out as many orders as possible prior to this, and were able to get out all but 96 orders. Most of those orders are still well within the listed processing times on our website, but some are towards the end and unfortantly, there just isn't anything else we can do at this point.

We are truly sorry, and hope that you have patience with us as we deal with this storm.

As soon as we are able to get back up and running, we will. We are finishing up preparations for this thing to hit, and then will spend the rest of the day packing orders. We won't be able to ship them, but at least they will be ready once we are able to. We will continue to pack orders and work as normal (aside from post office picking them up) for as long as we can. Hopefully everything is fine and we don't lose power and post office opens back up come Monday and all is well. Fingers crossed!

Our thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes go out to everyone who is going to be affected by this thing. Please stay safe! ❤